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Ahmad Jamal playing duets with Blossom Dearie, except they're in modern-day Brooklyn having drinks with Dirty Projectors and Sufjan Stevens.

Charlie Smith, Producer Tempest/Cobalt

After a successful career as a jazz artist, Seattle pianist, composer and vocalist Dawn Clement expands her palette of expression into the realm of contemporary pop with Tempest Cobalt.

This 10-track collection is a melodic narrative that tenderly reflects on themes such as passages, struggle, redemption and love. Ethereal vocals, delicate tension and elegant harmonies create a dreamy intimacy that invites the listener to lean in just a little closer. The lyrics, with references to nature, color and light, evoke a sense of spacious optimism throughout.

Half of the songs on Tempest Cobalt feature a solo Clement on voice and piano. The other half includes Charlie Smith on bass and keyboards and Lena Simon on drums, guitar, clarinet and backing vocals. Tempest Cobalt is Clement’s fourth CD to date and marks her debut as a master storyteller.

Listen to 'In The Woods' and 'Stars' from Tempest/Cobalt

Official video for 'At Least' from Tempest/Cobalt

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